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Hans Haacke – Exhibition

EXHIBITION: Hans Haacke (Artist), Location: Visual Arts Center Cambridge, date: 21.10.11 – 31.12.11 / current exhibitions at: Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, Hans Haacke, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Diane Arbus. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Hans Haacke Visual Arts Center Cambridge Continue reading

Georges Moquay – Exhibition

EXHIBITION: Georges Moquay, location: De Buck Gallery New York, date: 14.04.11 / current exhibitions at: De Buck Gallery, New York, Georges Moquay, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Lutz Fritsch. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Georges Moquay De Buck Gallery New York Continue reading

Steve Goddard – Exhibition

EXHIBITION: Steve Goddard, location: The Fine Art Society London, date: 11.03.11 / current exhibitions at: The Fine Art Society, London, Steve Goddard, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Oliver Gröne. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Steve Goddard The Fine Art Society London Continue reading

Jan Gossaert – Exhibition

Jan Gossaert, location: National Gallery London, date: 23.02.11 – 30.05.11 / current exhibitions at: National Gallery, London, Jan Gossaert, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Kurt Fleckenstein. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Jan Gossaert National Gallery London Continue reading