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Andreas Gursky – Exhibition: Gagosian Gallery

Andreas Gursky, location: Gagosian Gallery New York, date: 04.11.11 – 17.12.11 / current exhibitions at: Gagosian Gallery, New York, Andreas Gursky, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Claudia Terstappen. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Andreas Gursky Gagosian Gallery New York CATEGORY: art, modern art, lightart: Light installations Andreas Gursky, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. More information about Andreas Gursky Exhibition Gagosian Gallery New York, United States.

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Lightart exhibitions by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer .

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer - Lightart (Lichtkunst)

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer.

Marianne Lang – Exhibition

EXHIBITION – artist: Marianne Lang, location: Kunstverein Salzburg, date: 08.12.11 – 29.01.12 / current exhibitions at: Kunstverein, Salzburg, Marianne Lang, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Ivan Chermayeff. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Marianne Lang Kunstverein Salzburg Continue reading

Rainer Gross – Exhibition

Rainer Gross, (Exhibition) Location: Galerie Koch Hannover, date: 03.12.11 / current exhibitions at: Galerie Koch, London, Ivan Chermayeff, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Rainer Gross. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Rainer Gross Galerie Koch Hannover Continue reading

Anicka Yi – Exhibition

Anicka Yi, location: Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle München, date: 08.12.11 / current exhibitions at: Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, München, Anicka Yi, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Tim Flach. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Anicka Yi Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle München Continue reading

Andy Warhol – Exhibition

Andy Warhol, location: Kunsthandel Wolfgang Werner Berlin, date: 05.12.11 / current exhibitions at: Kunsthandel Wolfgang Werner, Berlin, Rainer Gross, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Andy Warhol. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Andy Warhol Kunsthandel Wolfgang Werner Berlin Continue reading

Tim Flach – Exhibition

EXHIBITION: Tim Flach, location: Osborne Samuel London, date: 05.12.11 / current exhibitions at: Osborne Samuel, London, Tim Flach, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Rainer Gross. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Tim Flach Osborne Samuel London Continue reading

Ivan Chermayeff – Exhibition

Ivan Chermayeff, location: David Findlay Jr Gallery New York, date: 01.12.11 / current exhibitions at: David Findlay Jr Gallery, New York, Ivan Chermayeff, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Maria Franziska von Hasselbach. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Ivan Chermayeff David Findlay Jr Gallery New York Continue reading

Maria Franziska von Hasselbach – Exhibition

EXHIBITION: Maria Franziska von Hasselbach (Artist), Location: Galerie Andreas Brüning Düsseldorf, date: 09.12.11 – 11.01.12 / current exhibitions at: Galerie Andreas Brüning, Düsseldorf, Maria Franziska von Hasselbach, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Marianne Lang. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Maria Franziska von Hasselbach Galerie Andreas Brüning Düsseldorf Continue reading