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Ryan Trecartin – Exhibition

EXHIBITION: Ryan Trecartin, location: MoMA PS1 New York, date: 08.05.11 – 14.08.11 / current exhibitions at: MoMA PS1, New York, Ryan Trecartin, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Klaus-Martin Treder. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Ryan Trecartin MoMA PS1 New York Continue reading

Richard Serra – Exhibition

Richard Serra, location: Metropolitan Museum New York, date: 13.04.11 – 28.08.11 / current exhibitions at: Metropolitan Museum, New York, Richard Serra, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Alexander Raymond. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Richard Serra Metropolitan Museum New York Continue reading

Paula Cooper Gallery New York

Peter Moore, location: Paula Cooper Gallery New York, date: 26.03.11 / current exhibitions at: Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, Peter Moore, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Cameron Gray. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Peter Moore Paula Cooper Gallery New York Continue reading


Andreas Gefeller (Artist), Location: HASTED KRAEUTLER New York, date: 31.03.11 / current exhibitions at: HASTED KRAEUTLER, New York, Andreas Gefeller, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Peter Schlör. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Andreas Gefeller HASTED KRAEUTLER New York Continue reading

Mark Kessell – Exhibition

EXHIBITION: Mark Kessell, location: Kim Foster Gallery New York, date: 17.03.11 / current exhibitions at: Kim Foster Gallery, New York, Mark Kessell, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Kim Simonsson. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Mark Kessell Kim Foster Gallery New York Continue reading

Elizabeth Neel – Exhibition

Elizabeth Neel, location: Sikkema Jenkins New York, date: 17.03.11 / current exhibitions at: Sikkema Jenkins, New York, Elizabeth Neel, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Tom Hammick. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Elizabeth Neel Sikkema Jenkins New York Continue reading

Rafael Ferrer – Exhibition

Rafael Ferrer, location: Adam Baumgold Gallery New York, date: 10.03.11 / current exhibitions at: Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York, Rafael Ferrer, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Rafael Ferrer Adam Baumgold Gallery New York Continue reading

Pierre Huyghe – Exhibition

EXHIBITION: Pierre Huyghe, location: Marian Goodman Gallery New York, date: January 28 – March 12, 2011 / current exhibitions at: Marian Goodman Gallery, New York, Pierre Huyghe, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Jiang Zhi Xin. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Pierre Huyghe Marian Goodman Gallery New York Continue reading

Kai Althoff – Exhibition

Kai Althoff, location: Barbara Gladstone Gallery New York, date: January 15 through March 5 / current exhibitions at: Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York, Kai Althoff, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Alberto Giacometti. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Kai Althoff Barbara Gladstone Gallery New York Continue reading

David Trulli – Exhibition

EXHIBITION: David Trulli, location: Robert Berman Gallery Santa Monica, date: 23.02.11 / current exhibitions at: Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, David Trulli, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Valérie Favre. Artistinformation and biography-text from: David Trulli Robert Berman Gallery Santa Monica Continue reading